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NY Workers' Compensation:

Marcie Eaton, Esq. has the unique experience of representing the insurance industry and injured workers with regards to NY Workers' Compensation. This experience provides her with the insight to negotiate claims in a timely manner and maximizes the injured workers benefits. For the past three years she has dedicated her time to prosecuting Workers' Compensation claims on behalf of injured workers. She provides representation for the entirety of the claim including: initial claims, medical benefits, permanency, and settlement.

Marcie represents injured workers at hearings throughout Central New York. A hearing provides you the opportunity to make a claim for benefits before a Law Judge who has the ability to make decisions regarding your claim. Having a knowledgable attorney at your hearing protects you and your benefits.

Attorney fees for representation before the New York Workers' Compensation board must be approved by the Workers' Compensation Board and if awarded will be deducted from any additional benefits owed to you by the insurance carrier.

Social Security Disability Benefits:

Eaton Law, LLC provides representation before the Social Security Administration with regards to disability benefits. If you are someone who is unable to work due to a disability, you may be qualified to receive benefits from the Social Security Administration. If eligible you and your dependents may receive monthly benefits.

Marcie P. Eaton, Esq. provides representation to disabled individuals who have been denied Social Security Benefits.  She appears at hearings in Binghamton, Syracuse, and Elmira, New York. She has represented houndreds of individuals before the Social Security Administration.

An attorney can assist you during the hearing stage by: preparing you and/or witnesses to testify before the Administrative Law Judge; presenting and summarizing evidence before, during and after hearing; and cross-examining experts that may appear at hearing. Eaton Law, LLC will assist you in providing the Social Security Administration the evidence needed to grant you benefits.  Your case is developed with your specific disabilities in mind. 

Long Term Disability Benefits:

You may have Long Term Disability Benefits if you or your employer purchased them from a private insurance company. Long Term Disability benefits typically require you to exhaust your short-term disability benefits and be disabled from your own occupation. After a period of time the insurance company performs reviews to determine if you are disabled from any occupation. 

An attorney representing you with regards to denied benefits or settlement should obtain: your claims file; a copy of your policy; and supporting medical evidence prior to submitting a written appeal. Marcie P. Eaton, Esq. has successfully written appeals on behalf of disabled individuals to insurance companies including Aetna, Prudential, Cigna, Liberty, and The Hartford.

Long Term Disability Policies have strict deadlines and it is important that an appeal with supporting evidence be submitted prior to those deadlines. If an Appeal is not properly submitted you may lose your benefits under the policy.